The Father is dead, and his burning countenance has fallen beyond the horizon.
There is no day, only a dawn falling into dusk in a matter of a few hours and the nights have become longer. The Nachtkinder have once again grown in numbers, deep within the shadows and far from the eyes of humanity, hunger driving them to hunt what remains of the Fathers’ dearest creations.
Twenty-five years have passed, and the land of Altarraum has fallen to the blight of the Nachtkinder, with cities lain to waste by anarchy and beasts.
Countless humans have been slaughtered by ravening monstrosities never before seen.
During the collapse and to this very day, this event is called the Sunfall.

Over twenty-five years since Sunfall, a city has emerged from the ruins of a once remote monastery – Befreiung.
Here, the Black Guild created hardy crops to survive the nights, alongside the mistrusted, heretical Cabalists. Here the priests and knights of the Order of the Bleeding Rose has prayed to the Father, but his choir has become silent – muted by the Father’s death.
Here the Nachtj√§ger hunt the night’s children in their forests and fens, and the Moonguard remain vigilant, protecting the citizens of Befreiung, 20,000 people strong and gravely overpopulated.
These organisations share a common goal – to defend the city, and make sure that The Father’s creation does not fall entirely to the darkness, fighting it with science, faith, and magic alike.
Simply staying in the city is but a slow extinction.
Much must be done to survive the nights to come.

Altarraum - Sunfall Chronicles